Who are your partners ?

We work with three types of partners:

  • Reseller-integrators, trained to use our solution, who sell and deploy it. Talan, CGI, C2S, Devoteam, CGI and Sword are among our strategic partners. Our other partners include Téléperformance, Axyus and PixelRaise.
  • Technological partners: our solution can be combined with various third-party technologies (livechat, RPA, etc.): Microsoft, UI Path, Voxygen.
  • Marketplaces and business providers that promote innovative solutions: Speedianet and Altays.

We also develop products with some of our partners that meet specific client needs, dedicated to particular use cases or industries:

  • A legal and tax chatbot in partnership with PwC: this chatbot, for employees working in legal and tax departments, includes a knowledge base with more than 350 articles (questions + answers) about various themes, such as contract law, commercial law, GDPR, tax credit management, international tax, etc.
  • Zen, a Microsoft 365 chatbot with Talan: this chatbot helps employees get to grips with their Microsoft work environment: PowerPoint, OneNote, Windows 10, OneDrive, Teams, Planner, Forms, SharePoint, Stream, Kaizala, Yammer, etc. The Zen base includes more than 550 knowledge articles in French and English and is regularly updated.