What does the cost of the solution include?

Access to our solution enables you to implement and fully manage a customer relations, employee or citizen chatbot. This includes:

  • the use of our admin console to easily create and manage all your content
  • chatbox customisation, with our dydubox
  • access to pre-defined analytical reports to monitor your virtual agent’s ongoing performance 
  • a ready-to-use knowledge base for Expert chatbots

Our pricing mainly depends on the expected number of dialogues. 

Our subscriptions are on an annual, renewable basis and include:

  • the licence to use the solution and its advanced natural language processing algorithm
  • standard shared SaaS hosting in France (also available in dedicated version on AWS and Azure in the European Union) 
  • access to all our online documentation and video tutorials
  • access to our support service, on working days between 9:30am and 6pm
  • regular project follow-up


Depending on your needs, there are options to enable certain advanced features, such as:

  • duplicating the use of your bot in another language or for different consultation spaces
  • enabling bulk data import / export (always in compliance with GDPR)
  • managing unlimited user profiles

During the implementation phase:

  • training, knowledge base creation support, use of advanced features, connection to APIs, etc.
  • continuous monitoring for the optimisation and improvement of your bot, our teams can offer personalised support