E-Commerce Chatbots: Optimizing the Customer Relationship?

Since the Covid-19 health crisis, we’ve entered a new era of consumption, where more and more purchases are made online.
Consumer habits are changing, and customers are becoming increasingly demanding.
They want to consume better, everywhere, all the time.
Brands must be more mindful of the customer journey to increase satisfaction and their conversion rate.

Find out how a chatbot can improve your users’ experience.

E-Commerce Chatbots as Customer Relations Allies

A Seamless Customer Journey

  • An e-commerce chatbot is available 24/7 to assist users throughout their buying journey
  • It provides automatic, quick, relevant, and personalized answers
  • It removes user barriers and buying blocks 
  • It boosts sales 

Less Pressure on Customer Service Teams

Chatbots are a customer service agent’s best friend because they:

  • Manage recurring questions and tier 1 problems
  • Free up time so that agents can focus on more complex issues
  • Reduce customer service waiting times

To find out more about the benefits of our e-commerce chatbot solution, read this article by our Head of Marketing and Communications, published by JDN.