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Conversational design for an improved user experience

Far more than just a passing trend, virtual assistants have real advantages for both companies and end users Yet, sometimes users are disappointed; misunderstandings, poor suggestions, repetitions… Some bots clearly don’t live up to our expectations. To avoid user frustration, it is essential to work on your bot’s conversational design. Read on to find out how.


Why on earth is my chatbot not working?!

You were so proud a few months ago – you were launching your very first chatbot with great enthusiasm, backed by promotional strategies aplenty. But since then, the excitement and adrenaline have given way to disappointment and bewilderment – your users are turning away. Worse still, some are even hostile towards it! So, what happened? How did you get to this point? What could have gone so horribly wrong? You can be sure of one thing; your conversational robot does not deserve such inhumane treatment.


A Chatbot: your spitting image!

Anyone who has seen the film 101 Dalmatians will remember one of the opening scenes, in which Pongo’s master has fun noting the resemblances between […]